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🌟About Bernie

I can't believe it has been almost 11 years since I started on my own spiritual journey.

This was after a very traumatic experience, when my husband Mark almost died and was in
intensive care for 10 days. 

I said to God "if he pulls through this then I will do what

I'm here to do

just show me the signs and

I will follow them".

This traumatic event opened me up and put me on the path I am on today which is supporting others with finding what lights them up and living

life to the full.

My only problem in 2012 was finding like-minded people that could support me and help me to follow the breadcrumbs and various signs from my

Angels and Guides.

My mission is to be the person I could have done with at the start of my journey as I understand what you are going through.

There isn't a lot I haven't been through in the last 61 years in some shape or form.

Therefore, I have valuable tools to share with you.

That's why I have decided to set up this paid membership group, where you will learn about different subjects on a monthly basis.

I am in the private Facebook group regularly reading angel cards and giving you any guidance and channelled messages I am guided to share from my spirit team.  


🌟Anna Marie Larkin:

"I highly recommend working with Bernie. She exudes wisdom and intuition, sharing her knowledge with enthusiasm.

The monthly membership group, with its interactive Zoom meetings and insightful card readings, is a source of constant inspiration.

The recorded sessions allow

flexibility, and Bernie's courses, like the Akashic records and the pendulum course, have been transformative.

Her expertise in crystals, essential oils, and healing makes the membership invaluable.

Looking forward to Bernie's

continued guidance, knowing it comes from a place of love and heart. 

🌟 Emer Reilly:

"Bernie is an incredible healer, and even though we've never met in person, her presence is uplifting.

Joining her healing group connects you with like-minded individuals, and her program offers a wealth of resources on crystals, oils, and angels.

Bernie provides tools and guidance, with the added support of Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

It's a delightful community that you'll be grateful to be part of." 

🌟 Mel Russell:

"I wholeheartedly recommend Bernie's membership group.

Having worked with her for months, I've experienced tremendous support and guidance.

Bernie invests time and energy in selecting topics for the group.

The recorded sessions make it easy to catch up.

Bernie's individual and group card guidance has been spot on and immensely helpful on my spiritual path.

Join if you seek connection with

like-minded souls. Thanks a lot, Bernie!

🌟Sally F:

"Bernie emanates a vibrant energy and possesses extensive knowledge in various areas, providing healing guidance through crystals, pendulum, angel cards, and more.

Her friendly approach exudes peace and calm.

I appreciate the recorded sessions for convenient playback.

Bernie's presence, angel cards, and resources make this journey enriching.

I highly recommend Bernie for those on a self-care journey."

🌟 Rose M:

"Being part of Bernie's Membership Group is a joy, surrounded by like-minded individuals.

The readings, classes, and additional information enhance personal development and growth.

The monthly meetings are a source of learning, with new tips and connections with fellow members.

Special offers on essential oils add to the value. Love being a member! 

🌟 Louise O:

"I cherish the great support in Bernie's Membership Group, from meditations to individual and group card guidance.

The monthly meetings

provide continuous learning, new tips, and the opportunity to meet wonderful people. The special offers on essential oils are an added bonus.

Being a member brings so much love and positivity.

🌟Mairead Ryan:

"After joining Bernie's pendulum online course, her beautiful teaching style led me to become a member of the online group.

Bernie's wealth of knowledge is truly uplifting in her Zoom classes.

The Facebook and WhatsApp groups foster a growing community with Bernie at the helm.

Delighted to be part of this journey with Bernie.

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- Subscription payments are non-refundable once deducted.

- Cancelling your subscription results in access loss to the Breathe and Bloom Academy App the following month.

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